Wij behouden onze focus.

Studiovision blijft u van dienst met:
• Productfotografie in onze studio / op locatie
• Webshopfotografie
• Interieurfotografie
• Architectuurfotografie

Uiteraard waken we streng over het naleven van de nodige aanbevelingen en voorzorgsmaatregelen.
We bekijken graag met u hoe Studiovision u ook in de komende periode van dienst kan zijn.

Bel gerust om de mogelijkheden te bespreken.

Onze klanten


On location photography

All our gear is moveable and we like to create the best atmosphere for the job. It starts by finding and/or creating the most fitting location for this specific atmosphere.

Studio & Product photography

Shooting one portrait or product takes a different approach than shooting a thousand ones. We find the perfect solution for your small and big needs.

Travel photography

We've been working for a variety of clients in Spain, Poland, Indonesia, Germany, France, Netherlands, … Going abroad is no problem at all.

Corporate Photography

Some would claim corporate photography is limiting and uninspiring. We disagree. Studiovision is your partner for corporate headshots, portraits and your marketing and branding photography.

Image manipulation

If we can't capture your idea or subject in one shot, there is always photoshop to create the perfect image.

Flexible professional team

For every step in the progress we appeal to a pool of experts to create the perfect team for make-up, styling, models, locations, …

Meet Our Team

Raf Ketelslagers

Studied photography at the Artschool in Genk and founded studiovision in 2002.

Creative - Dedicated - Flexible - Adventurous

Ruud Lathouwers

Studied photography at Sint-Lukas Brussels and joined studiovision in 2013.

Diligent - Loyal - Eager - Curious

Contact Us

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Kermtstraat 11
3510 Kermt

Phone Raf: +32 486 / 58.45.15
Phone Ruud: +32 484 / 69.87.62

Tax: BTW BE 0895.795.196